Founded in 1979, Mark-10 Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of force and torque measurement products. Organizations from industries such as packaging, food, medical devices, etc., have relied on Mark-10 products for many years. One of the biggest benefits of Mark-10 products is that they are produced, prototyped, and engineered within their integrated facility in Copiague, NY. All processes are completed in-house and they use the latest in CNC machining and CAD technology. What’s more, they constantly keep a pulse on the market and produce products which are cost effective, easy to use, and elegant.

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Popular Products from Mark-10

Whether you are working in the cosmetic industry or pharmaceutical industry, you will be able to find a large selection of Mark-10 products at Willrich Precision Instrument to suit your needs, including:

  • Mark-10 Motorized Force Test Stands with PC Control
  • Mark-10 High Capacity Compression Plates
  • Mark-10 Economical Digital Force Gages
  • Mark-10 Force Gage
  • Mark-10 Force stands
  • Mark-10 Miniature Component Force Gauge Grips
  • Mark-10 Physical Therapy Force Testing Kits

Shop for Mark-10 Products at Willrich Precision Instrument

Our company has been in the business for nearly five decades. We are a trusted retailer for precision measurement instruments in the gaging, inspection, and metrology industry. You can count on our experience and expertise when it comes to choosing precision measurement instruments for your personal project or business. When you shop at Willrich Precision Instrument, you never have to look elsewhere as we offer the best prices on the market. Our services are quick and efficient, and you will be able to find and purchase the perfect Mark-10 products for your needs in no time!

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