Dorsey LDA Series ID/OD Adjustable Frame

Dorsey Metrology most popular series of ID/OD gage uses rigid steel tubing, cast end blocks, and a precision right angle transfer mechanism similar to our bore gages which gives accurate and sensitive readings.

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Dorsey LDA Series ID/OD Adjustable Frame Features:

  • Standard with part# 2DM125-05 .0005" graduation dial indicator
  • Rigid steel tubing with thermal isolation grips, reduces thermal expansion. Tube weighs only 1.165 lbs/foot
  • Indicator and housing rotate 360° for best viewing angle
  • Entire assembly rotates 180° for ID/OD measurement
  • Three point hardened steel rests
  • Reference contact features .50" micrometer style fine adjustment which makes setting this gage fast and easy
  • 2" vertical gaging depth adjustment on head assembly is standard. 3", 4", or 5" is optional
  • .100" gaging travel on live contact is standard, .025", .050", or .075" travel is optional

How to order:
Optional perpendicular dial indicator unit (Optional perpendicaular indicator unit.)
To order large diameter gages, use following sequence to specify the desired configuration (there’s no need to specify configuration for standard items).
Gage Type – Frame Size – Contact Type – Gaging Depth – Other Options
For example: LDA-24-ES-GD3-RR-GC050 is a gage that measures 18 – 24″, includes extended carbide shovel contacts, has 3″ gaging depth, has roller rests and gaging contact travel is limited to .050″.
Standard gaging depth range is 0-2″. Optional gaging depth of 3″, 4″ or 5″ is available. Specify GD3, GD4 or GD5 to the part # (and use SMVA setmaster).
Standard LDA frame clearance is 1.25″.

Contact us for a quotation if additional clearance is required

Download the Dorsey LDA Series ID/OD Adjustable Frame product literature by using the link below:

Dorsey LDA Series ID/OD Adjustable Frame

Dorsey LDA Series ID/OD Adjustable Frame

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