Edmunds Accu-Touch Dual Master Touch Screen Amplifier


The Accu-Touch™ uses a highly durable, touch screen as its human interface to providing a crystal clear visual display of your measurement results.

A formula generator within the system set-up allows for numerous popular mathematical applications – including trigonometric functions as calculations from separate calibrated checks

  • Customers’ bearing race, crankshaft end, flywheel bore and any other tapered surface can now be displayed with common angular methods




Docking A/E Units

All A/E circuits are adjustable Mag & Zero.
Optional coalescing filter highly recommended

Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch Electronic Air Amplifier Features:

• 5.7 Touch Screen Multi-color Flat Panel Display.
• User defined LVDT or air-to-electronic input channels from Edmunds medians.
• (2) USB ports, (1) RS-232C serial port, standard.
• 100 to 240VAC 50-60Hz Global Switching input power.
• Inch or Millimeter Displays.
• Live, (+) Peak, (-) Peak, and T.I.R. gaging modes.
• Upper and Lower Limit Indicators.
• Resolution from 2 to 6 decimal places.
• For Single (electronic only) and Dual Master calibration

Available Options

unit-type-selection Product Number
E7204 Basic E7204
E7204 A Expanded E7204A

Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch Specifications:

  • Accuracy: .5% full scale (LVDT). .1% full scale (Air).
  • Precision: (Repeatability) 6μ inch.
  • Linearity: .25% full scale.
  • Bandwidth: 125hz.
  • Resolution: 10μ inch over +/- .020″, 1μ inch over +/- .005″.
  • Range: Auto Ranging from +/- .004″ ~ +/- .040″.
  • Base Model:
  • Basic (includes (2) USB and (1) RS-232 serial ports):
  • #E7202 (2) LVDT or air-to-electronic input.

Basic Unit
E7204 – RS-232C, and (2) USB ports. Provides up to 4 single input displays, with data offload,& viewer. 4-input basic unit for use with Auto-Air Shutoff

Expanded Unit
E7204A –  RS-232C, Auto Saver connection, and (2) USB ports. Provides up to 4 single input displays, with data offload, & viewer. 4-input unit with I/O for Auto-Air

Docking A/E Units 
E7110 – Single Input A/E unit w/filter-regulator & cable
E7120 – Dual Input A/E unit w/filter-regulator & cables
E7130 – 3-input, 3-A/E w/(2) filter-regulator & cables
E7140 – 4-input A/E w/(2) filter-regulator & cables


Download the Edmunds AccuTouch product information using the link below:

Edmunds Accu-Touch Dual Master Touch Screen Amplifier

Watch Video on the Edmunds Gages Accu-Touch



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