Fowler AGD Dial Indicators


The Fowler dial indicator  (AGD) Group 2  has a 2-1/4″ dial face with continuous and balanced dial readings, a 1″ measuring range, 0.001″ graduations, a revolution counter, and tolerance markers, and is designed for taking measurements in machining, layout, and inspection work. The movement is mounted independently from the case on a rigid supporting plate to ensure perfect and permanent alignment. The dial has microfine black graduations for 0-100 continuous readings. A knurled bezel rotates 360 degrees to zero the reading at any location. Tolerance markers allow operators to quickly observe limits. The lug back can be rotated at 90-degree increments. A satin-chromed forged-brass case, hard brass gear wheels, and a hardened steel spindle rack provide long wear. The indicator is dustproof, waterproof, oil-proof, coolant-proof, and shockproof.
Dial readings with three digits, 0-10-0 for example, signify that the indicator has a balanced dial. Dial readings with two digits, 0-100 for example, indicate the dial has a continuous dial. Balanced dials are used for reading the difference from a specific surface reference point. Continuous dials are used for direct readings and usually have a larger measurement range than balanced dials.

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Fowler AGD Dial Indicators Features:

  • 1" travel
  • Continuous reading: 0-100
  • AGD group 2, 2-1/4" dial diameter
  • Revolution counter
  • Tolerance markers
  • Lug back mount
  • Carbide points

Fowler AGD Dial Indicators Technical Specifications:

  • Dial reading: 0-100 continuous
  • Dial Type: AGD Group 2, 2-1/4″ diameter
  • Range: 1″
  • Resolution: .001″
  • Bezel: Knurled rotates 360 degrees
  • Contact point material: Carbide
  • Mounting Type: Lug back, rotatable 90 degree intervals

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