Glastonbury Gage Segmented Gages

Glastonbury Gage Segmented gages are an alternative to standard ring and disc masters. They are used in setting swing and bore gages.

Segmented gages are lighter and use less storage room than standard ring and disc masters. They are made to check one or multiple diameters.

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Glastonbury Gage Segmented Gages Specifications:

  • Segmented ID and OD gages are ground square to faces within .0002".
  • Tolerances depending on size are +/- .0005" with either class X or XX geometry.
  • Measurement uncertainty is within .00002" up to 21.000".
  • The exact size can be engraved on the gage making it easier for set up.
  • Segmented gages are made out of Tool Steel and heat-treated to 58-62 RC.
  • Chrome is available upon request.

Download the Glastonbury Gage Segmented Gages product literature using the link below:

Glastonbury Southern Gage Segmented Gages

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