Recess TIR Gage

This gage was specifically developed to measure the concentricity of a screw’s shank to its recess or external drive system quickly and accurately. This fastener characteristic is becoming more critical with the widening use of automatic screw feeding and driving assembly equipment. If a screw’s recess is too far from the axis of its shank the automatic equipment’s driver can not engage the recess and the equipment will jam, ruining its efficiency. This gage’s single recess measuring element will inspect all styles of recesses in all screw sizes #4 through 1/4″ (M3M6).

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The gage comes with an 11 piece collet set and an electronic indicator that provides .0001″ resolution and the absolute TIR measurement without adding or subtracting. This easy-to-use gage provides Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility Study results of less than 20%.

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