Starrett 567 V-Block and Clamp (567)


V-Blocks come in a variety of styles to suit the numerous requirements of machinists. Used for general shop use and layout work, as well as for holding stock in place during light-duty milling, drilling, and grinding operations. All clamp screws have a hole to help secure the workpiece.

1-5/16″ / 33mm Capacity


Starrett 567 V-Block and Clamp Features:

  • 1-5/16″ (33mm) Capacity
  • The clamp is smaller than the outside width of the block, but has an adjustable side screw to support the block and prevent tilting
  • The V at the stepped end is at right angles to the base and is handy for holding shouldered studs, pins, etc.
  • A clearance hole for drilling or removing dowel pins is provided in the block
  • The block has four 3/8-16 tapped holes, two in the base and one on each side for attachment to an angle iron. The angle iron holding the block can then be attached to a lathe faceplate or held by a magnetic chuck
  • The clamp is a strong forging
  • The block is hardened and precision ground. The sides are parallel and the V is central and parallel to the sides and base

Can be used on its base, on the end or on either side.

Download the Starrett 567 V-Block and Clamp product information using the link below:

Starrett 567 V-Block and Clamp

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