Dial Bore Gages

Dial bore gages are special tools that are designed to accurately measure the internal diameters of pipes, cylinders, and holes. It is a common practice for users to use dial bore gages with micrometers. What’s more, dial bore gages are calibrated in .001 inch or .0001 inch. The basic construction of dial bore gage includes a measuring sled (at the base) and a shaft (at the top, with a dial indicator). If you need accurate readings on roundness, wear or size, dial bore gages are must-have instruments.

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Popular Dial Bore Gage Brands We Carry

  • Brown & Sharpe
  • Mitutoyo
  • Dyer
  • Fowler High Precision
  • Mahr Federal
  • Starrett
  • SPI
  • … and more!

Popular Products for Dial Bore Gages

  • Mahr Federal 844N Self Centering Bore Gage
  • Fowler Small Hole Gages
  • Starrett AccuPlug Bore Gage Systems
  • Dyer Small Hole Bore Gage Sets

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