Top Tips To Achieving Faster Precision Measuring Processes

faster precision measuring processes

If you need faster precision measuring or you are looking to speed up the process you already use. There are ways you can do this. Some of these include:

Stable Stylus Systems

This is one of the most important tools of the trade. If your measuring stylus is not of a good enough quality or is lacking rigidity, then you could be slowing your process down. One of the best materials for use with a rigid stylus is carbon fiber. This is because it is not only durable and very stable, but it has the required rigidity and flexibility to complement titanium adapters perfectly. Measuring at speed can produce inaccurate data if the stylus is not rigid enough to withstand the centrifugal force adequately. The perfect combination of titanium and carbon fiber limits and reduces any errors, ensuring you have more accurate and precise measurements to work with.

Is Your Nib Worn Down?

To ensure you continue to elicit accurate data, your nib needs to be in pristine condition. Over time nibs made of ruby or silicon nitride can lose their roundness and as they start to wear down data can become more inaccurate, even with regular maintenance and cleaning. Changing the stylus can mean a loss of production time and a worn stylus can make the whole measurement process slower as repeated measurements need to be taken to ensure they are correct. A diamond or diamond coated stylus tip is more durable and keeps its shape. In addition, no material from the surface of the sphere can become trapped and it does not wear down like ruby.

Use Pallets To Reduce Wasted Time

The measuring process is not a continual process. There are times between the end of one part for measuring and loading the next parts for measuring. This downtime can add up over the period of a day, a week or a month, and that can account for a lot of lost hours over the whole year. One way to increase productivity is to introduce calibration pallets. Whilst your device is carrying out its measuring process, staff can be loading a pallet with the next part or item to be measured. Because the pallet can be correctly aligned within seconds, you can avoid a lot of downtime.

Use An Integrated Temperature Capture

As you know temperatures fluctuate constantly and this can affect precision measurements. By introducing an integrated temperature capture into the pallet, you can ensure that the environment temperature has been captured automatically at the beginning of the measurement and that information can be sent to the measuring machine. This takes away the job of having to do that manually and is very efficient and accurate.

Invest In An Alignment Device

An alignment device will ensure your stylus touches the part you are measuring at exactly the right place every time without the need to adjust it on the measuring machine itself. This will prevent costly mistakes caused by collisions, but it can also reduce the downtime of your measuring machine, thus increasing productivity.

by George Chitos