An Introduction To FARO’s CAM2 2018 3D Measurement Software Platform

FARO's CAM2 2018 3D Measurement Software Platform

FARO is a full-service, portable coordinate measuring solution provider. They are an advocate of high-accuracy. The company has announced the recent release of their CAM2 2018 software platform. The platform is specifically designed to help users realize the highest level and value of performance with all FARO metrology products. In addition, that realization spreads across metal-fabrication, machine tools, aerospace, and automotive industries. Let’s find out more about FARO and its new 3D measurement software platform.

About FARO®

FARO is the world’s most trusted source for 3D realization, imaging, and measurement technology. The company is famous for manufacturing and develop cutting edge 3D software that enables high-precision 3D analysis, measurement, and capture across an array of industries including public safety, engineering, construction, and manufacturing.

FARO is currently headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida. Its manufacturing facility and technology center are located in Exton, Pennsylvania. These facilities are in charge of conducting research and development and other service and manufacturing operations. That’s where product lines such as the FARO Cobalt Array 3D Imager and FARO Laser Tracker™ originate from. Apart from having offices in Mexico, Canada, the UK, Thailand, Japan, China, etc., FARO’s Asia Pacific regional headquarters is located in Singapore.

Here’s a quick look at how FARO aims to support operational excellence and create unique value for their valued clients:

  • Development risk reduction
  • Shrinking margin impacting rework and scrap costs
  • Minimizing on-site measurement and documentation times
  • Boosting execution timelines
  • Enabling useable, compelling, more accurate, and faster 3D documentation

What is the CAM2 2018 Software Platform?

CAM2 2018 is an integrated software platform create based on the extensive feedback from users of earlier generations of CAM2. Other input from other third-party metrology software platforms were also put into consideration. With the development of CAM2, FARO’s clients are now able to uniquely leverage the complete range of the company’s hardware functionality and features. That will be possible both now and in the future, through regular software version upgrades and patches. If you require support for certain hardware and software, you can get the information you need from FARO’s extensive online self-help knowledge base.

What is it Designed to Achieve?

CAM2 2018 aims to elevate the end user experience via a seamless integration with the company’s portable coordinate measuring machine solutions. Users will have access to an advanced user interface that simplifies and streamlines inspection activities. New reporting dashboards also help facilitate actionable intelligence for short cycles. Pretty cool right?

Expect to Receive Better Actionable Insight

The new platform now features an integrated, web-based dashboard for reporting purposes. This means that you can get insightful trend analysis and inspection results in real-time, and via a user-friendly set of adaptable visual reports! You can accelerate immediate corrective action by sharing the RPM Control Center information across your organization. It’s easy and hassle-free.

Expect Improve Quality Control

With the RPM functionality or repeat part management, you need minimal training. This intuitive tool allows you to set up a specific inspection process once, and it can be executed and repeated by anyone on the factory floor. You will be able to efficiently use available resources, ensure quality in inspection routines, and maintain consistent oversight.

by George Chitos