Familiarize Yourself With Micrometers

Inside Thread Micrometer Micromar 44 CZ

If you work in some industry, which deals in small fittings or parts, you must know the importance of an extremely precise measurement. For such a purpose, we require an instrument like micrometer to get exact readings, which is important for accurate end results.

What Is It?

Micrometer is an advanced measuring instrument that can measure up to 1000th of an inch. Such precise measurements are essential, when even a minute space between objects can cause inaccuracies. In order to accommodate measurements of varying size, a majority of micrometers are available in sets.

  • Depth Micrometers: It is primarily used for measuring the depth of slot, hole or recess. It has a base that aligns with recess top that needs to be measured. Sticking up from the base is the shaft, on which the thimble is placed. The measuring rod comes down, as the thimble turns. Till the rod hits the bottom surface of the hole, you continue to turn. The numbering system on the thimble is used for measurement!
  • Inside Micrometer: Inside Diameter of an object is measured by the inside micrometer. With a thimble in the middle, this pen-like instrument expands just like a curtain rod. It extends up to the point where either of the tools touch the inside of a pipe. The numbering system on the thimble is used to find out the measurement.
  • Outside Micrometer: Just as the inside micrometer measures the inside diameter, Outside micrometer takes care of the outside diameter. Just like a C-clamp opens and closes by turning the internal screw, the outside micrometer functions the same way. The object that is to be measured is clamped between the spindle and the anvil. Once it is secured in the clamp, the numbering system is used to find the measurement.

When Should You Use A Micrometer?

Depending on what needs to be measured, there are several different designs of micrometer for different purposes, including that for tool, object, or a pipe. In machines with moving parts, accuracy is an important factor. Pipe fittings are another example of an application that requires precise measurements.  Micrometers also help in measuring the thickness of sheet metals.

How Is Micrometer Reading Taken?

Before using it for measurements, it is essential to check if the micrometer is metric of English. Make sure to use a tool with the same measuring unit as the one you are working with. Measurement can be taken, once the micrometer is rotated into the proper position. Accurate measure is given by adding up the numbers on thimble and spindle. Depending on the design and type of micrometer, you will find the numbers you want. Go through the manufacturer’s guide for an in-depth instruction on how to read the micrometer.

Overall, micrometers are almost a necessity when exact measurement is required. They come in many styles and designs to fit the requirements of whatever object you need to measure. Since they only have a limited span, they come in sets of varying sizes to house your needs.

by George Chitos