How To Handle And Maintain Vernier Calipers For Error Prevention

Fowler Vernier Calipers photo

Vernier calipers are measuring instruments required for precise reading of machine parts or fittings. Routine care and maintenance is very important to maintain the consistency and functionality of a vernier caliper. Along with keeping it in a properly allocated space, there are a few maintenance steps one must take to keep your vernier caliper from malfunctioning.

Brush Off Any Dirt

Settlement of dirt or dust on vernier caliper or on the item surface can contribute to inaccuracy in measurement. It is not recommended to use the instrument on rough objects or polluted items. This can result in error of measurements and manufacturing losses.

Do Not Pair Vernier Caliper With Other Tools

One should never try to employ vernier caliper with heavy instruments like files, cutting tools, drills, and hammers. Also, avoid placing vernier calipers on the lathe machine, since it can result in a tragic accident, while in an operative condition. Following the pulsation of lathe machine, the jaws of the calipers can rupture, or it can fall from the machine.

Use It For The Purpose It Serves

Vernier Caliper is not something to be used as an alternative to other instruments. So, do not make it work like a foot scale or hammer. It is only to be used for measurement purpose, and any sort of tampering can destroy its performance.

Do Not Expose It To Temperature Changes

Temperature can have a great impact on the readings you get. The overall temperature should be roughly around 20 °C when measuring a particular object. The material can expand or contract, depending on the temperature range, and this can create a difference in a few micrometers. Both the object and the vernier caliper should be at the same temperature. If not, there will be inaccuracy due to different expansions in the item to be measured and the measuring tool.

Exposure to extended sunlight can lead to thermal expansion of vernier calipers, while placing it close to high temperature regions like electrical cooker, furnace, and heat transmitter can also do the same damage.

Be Careful With Your Location Of Taking Measurement

When carrying out maintenance of vernier calipers, make sure you are not placing it close to a magnetic region, in order to avoid any sort magnetization.

Do Not Try To Repair It Yourself

Some of the common issues related to vernier calipers include bend of the object, corrosion, or uneven face. One should never try to repair it, unless they know what they are doing. It is advisable to get the error rectified from a standard workshop repairer or calibrator.

Clean Up After Every Use

Once you have used it, vernier caliper should be made dirt free of any pollutants that may settle down. A rust free lubricant must be used for shielding the stainless steel. Place it in dehydrated places or a particular container to stop it from getting rusted.

In order to keep the instrument operational for a long term, regular repairs must be functionalized. Approach the nearest authorized center regularly to test the functionality or correctness of the instrument.

by George Chitos