Product Spotlight: MarSurf M 400 C Surface Roughness Tester

MarSurf M 400 C Surface Roughness Tester

Surface roughness is an important parameter when it comes to determining a surface’s suitability for certain applications. Rough surfaces usually wear out at a faster rate than smoother surfaces. The aforementioned is also more vulnerable to cracks and corrosion. However, rough surfaces can aid in adhesion. To uncover these details, a roughness tester is utilized so that the parts specialist can accurately and quickly determine the surface roughness or surface texture of a material. You can use a roughness tester to get roughness value (Ra) and roughness depth (Rz) in microns (µm) or micrometers.

About MarSurf

Mahr is a family-run, medium-sized business that operates worldwide. When you think of terms such as production innovation, quality, and metrology, Mahr is a name that quickly comes to mind. The brand is recognized for its high-quality measuring units designed to test workpiece geometry, high-precision rotary stroke bearings, metering pumps, and other high-precision gear. As an application specialist in the world of production metrology, Mahr has proven to its customers that it can solve any metrological tasks and answer all questions related to quality.

At Mahr, they can also offer solutions for high-precision metering to manufacturers of fiber reinforced composites, elastomeres, synthetic fibres, and plastics. Their specialized business fields include high-precision ball bearing, meter mix dispense technology, high-precision gear and metering pumps, hand-held metology, and other forms of system metrology (e.g. calibration measuring machines, customer-specific solutions, gears, shafts, forms, and surfaces). Today, Mahr has offices located across Germany, Czech Republic, U.S., France, and China.

Features of MarSurf M 400 C Surface Roughness Tester

Here is a quick at some of the top features of MarSurf M 400 C Surface Roughness Tester:

  • W, P, and R profiles set according to latest MOTIF or JIS/ISO standards
  • More than 50 surface parameters
  • Approximately 1.0kg in weight
  • Weight of drive unit 0.9 kg
  • 5 mN measuring force
  • 2 mm/s contacting speeds
  • Sampling length: 5
  • Filter as per ISO 13565
  • Gaussian filter as per ISO 11562
  • 8 nm measuring range (+/- 250 μm)
  • Up to +/- 750 μm with 3x probe arm length
  • Probe BFW skidless system
  • Principle stylus method

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by George Chitos