Product Spotlight: Starrett Galileo Series AV300 Automatic Vision Systems

Starrett Galileo Series AV300 Automatic Vision Systems

Automatic vision systems are used for teaching programs and correcting product alignment with fiducials. A standard system uses a grayscale camera that comes, with various lensing options, to meet your process requirements. The great thing about this system is that its lens options can be customized to decrease or increase the depth of field and field of view. With that, the core components of an automatic vision system includes a processor, camera, lens, blue/red illuminator, and dark field. Some of the popular add-ons include fullview illumination, ClearVu lens, high depth of field, and 2x extenders.

Next, any image that can be viewed by the lens configuration and the camera can be used as an alignment image. You should keep in mind that automatic vision systems are not limited to using traditional bowtie or cross fiducial shapes. These systems can capture time, about 0.1 seconds per image. In this post, you will find out more about an excellent automatic vision system that can make the above tasks easier. Introducing the Starrett Galileo Series AV300 Automatic Vision Systems.

About Starrett

Starrett is recognized as a leader in the metrology industry. It has been designing and manufacturing fine precision tools for over a century, since 1880. Today, the L.S. Starrett Company has manufactured over 5,000 variations of saw blades, measuring instruments, gages, and other precision tools. The brand’s products are well-received by a wide variety of consumers, professionals, and industrial markets worldwide.

Features of Starrett Galileo Series AV300 Automatic Vision Systems

Here is a quick look at some of the top features of Starrett Galileo Series AV300 Automatic Vision Systems:

  • 3-Axis stage with XYZ travel
  • Video Edge Detection feature
  • Image capture feature
  • Integral light control
  • Touch screen PC
  • 5:1 ratio zoom video optics
  • Hi-resolution color camera
  • Dual channel fiber optic
  • LED illumination ring
  • Collimated sub-stage lighting
  • Heidenhain 0.1 micron resolution scales
  • QC5300 controller
  • 2x zoom lens
  • High incidence angle illumination
  • Touch probe
  • … and more!

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by George Chitos