Product Spotlight: Starrett VB400 Bench Top Vertical Optical Comparator

starrett product spotlight

The VB400 bench top vertical optical comparators are versatile measuring systems ideal for the 2D measurements of flexible and flat parts such as plastic, gaskets and sheet metal components. The VB400 optical comparator has a 400 mm diameter screen, you will be able to make large part enlargements using various optional magnification lenses. This is a standard feature for all VB400 optical comparators.

This post will focus on the Starrett VB400 Bench Top Vertical Optical Comparator which has special additional features that makes this product stand out. This optical comparator has a 16 screen, 4 Y-axis and 8 X-axis travel with fine adjustment. It also has a digital protractor which allows this tool to make accurate angle measurements among other outstanding features.

Let’s take a closer look at the Starrett VB400 Bench Top Vertical Optical Comparator and the makers of this amazing measurement tool.

About Starrett

Founded in 1880 by Laroy S. Starrett, the Starrett Company has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of gages, saw blades, precision tools and measuring instruments. These products are custom made to fit different industrial applications and they are sold directly to consumers, industrial and professional markets.

Starret tools are made with high precision and they are popular with industries that require the use of components with specific measurements. For years, industries like aerospace, military, medicine, metal and machining, technology and many others require precision measurement tools that ensure accurate readings for parts and components. For over 130 years, Starrett has been termed as the world’s greatest toolmakers and their products guarantee durable solutions.

Features of Starrett VB400 Bench Top Vertical Optical Comparator

Here is a quick look at some of the top features of Starrett VB400 Bench Top Vertical Optical Comparator:

  • 4 vertical travel
  • 4 focus travel
  • 8 horizontal travel
  • Eliminates operator feel
  • Surface illumination and LED profile
  • Diopter for high magnification lenses
  • Precision coordinate work stage with 16 * 9 top plate
  • Measurement by means of a linear encoder on both Y and X axes
  • Digital protractor for accurate angular measurements via Q axis on readout

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by George Chitos