Heidenhain Gage-Chek Digital Readout Unit


The ND 2100G readouts have a robust, diecast aluminum enclosure, and a keyboard suited to their environment. A large, graphic, color screen displays the measured values, the soft-key row and other information.


Heidenhain Gage-Chek Digital Readout Unit Features:

Position Display: The display values appear in large, easy-to-read numbers. Values outside the tolerance are color-coded, immediately notifying you of errors

Bar Diagram : You can select to have the values shown as a color-enhanced vertical or horizontal bar graph. The defined warning limits and tolerance limits provide instant feedback. If these limits are exceeded, the column color changes from green to yellow or red, informing you explicitly of critical dimensions.

SPC and data storage : GAGE-CHEK includes integrated SPC studies such as mean value charts (X bar) and range charts (R). Min, max sigma, cp and cpk are also calculated and are clearly displayed as a graph or histogram. Historical raw data can be saved in a tabular numeric display. Each dimension and all data are time and date stamped.

Available Options

number-of-axis Product Number
4 665 408-20
8 665 408-30

Heidenhain Gage-Chek Digital Readout Unit:

The inputs can be assigned and combined as desired with mathematical, trigonometric or statistical formulas. This makes it possible to measure even complex dimensions such as thickness, fatness, volume and more. The results are displayed numerically or graphically as a color bar graph or dial, or archived for statistical process control (SPC).
The GAGE-CHECK can be configured for basic or advanced applications.
Soft keys and function keys can be adapted as required. The Min/Max function for the ND 2100G readouts monitors and stores the highest and lowest measured or calculated value. Warning and tolerance limits can be assigned to
each display value. Results outside of the tolerance are marked with different color.
An acoustic alarm sounds simultaneously. Tolerance values, SPC parameters and custom formulas are stored for individual parts. GAGE-CHEK can manage up to 100 parts, each with up to 16 visible measurement features and 16 hidden measurement features. The rapid acquisition of measurement data makes monitoring dynamic events, such as the eccentricity of a rotating shaft, possible.

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