Mahr Federal Precimar ULM Length Measuring Machines

Mahr Federal Universal length measuring machines ULM 300 / 600 / 100 / 1500:

  • Superior accuracy of measurement
  • Long direct and maximum measuring range
  • Tooling sets configured of specific jobs provide immediate readiness for operation
  • Simple and lucid operator promting makes operation highly convenient

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Mahr Federal Precimar ULM Length Measuring Machines Features:

  • Measuring system x-axis: high-precision glass scale in the measuring element
  • 100% compliance with Abbe's comparator rule
  • Integrated temperature measurement system and zero-point stabilization
  • Constant measuring force over the entire measuring plunger adjustment range
  • Worktable precisely guided in Z-direction with large adjustment range and high table load as well as digital z-measuring system
  • Air-bearing units for fast and easy movement of measuring element and tailstock (not with ULM 300)
  • Fast and easy measuring value generation due to dynamic measuring value acquisition


  • Control of gages and measuring devices (among others, cylindrical and tapered threads, gage blocks, tapers, toothing gages, two-point-internal measuring devices
  • Highly precise length measurements on precision parts such as bell housing, inner races, ball cages, gear shafts, gears, ball rings, Multitude of accessory sets and components in a modular system for a solution of the most varying measuring tasks, incl. threads, tapers, taper threads, gears, cylinders. etc.


  • Granite base bed
  • Measuring element with glass scale and measuring force system
  • Plain tailstock with locating quill
  • Air bearing unit for measuring elemnent and tailstock (not with ULM 300)
  • Extensive, universal contacting and clamping elements (partially included in the accessory sets needed for your measuring solution) in a modular, extendable system.

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Mahr Federal ULM for Ultra High Precision Measurement of Fixed Limit Gages

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