Mahr PLM 1000-E Precision Length Measuring Machine

Mahr PLM 1000-E Precision Length Measuring Machine

Calibration of:
• Plain plug gages and gage rings
• Setting gage rings
• Snap gages
• Spherical gage blocks, internal micrometers
• Gage blocks
• Thread gages
• Taper thread gages
• Gear gages
• Dial indicators
• Dial comparators
• 2-point bore gages
• Outside micrometers
• 2-point inside micrometers
• Precision length measurement
• Measurement of thin-walled and deformed workpieces


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Mahr PLM 1000-E Precision Length Measuring Machine Features:

• Abbe compliant comparator with horizontal base bed
• Highly homogeneous, rigid granite
• Sensitive adjustment in 5 axes and object table with a loading capacity of 35 kg
• PC based, multi-axis machine control, standard including PC workstation and 828 WIN Free Measurement basic software
• Simple operating procedure adjusted by means of joystick controlled measuring slides
• Utilizing progressive deflection characteristic and automatic contact detection Automatic detection of
outside and inside measurements and computer-aided search for reversal points
Motorized measuring slide allows for high travel speeds
The CNC controlled vertical and cross adjustment of the universal measuring table facilitates highly efficient measuring
• Subjective influences largely eliminated and unintended collisions with the test piece avoided
• State-of-the-art machine control (MarEcon)
• Software and menu driven controls facilitate recording, processing, logging and transfer of measurement data
• Thermal dimensional deviations are software compensated
• Easily set the measuring force using the software
• Aerostatic guides for all slides mounted on the machine bed ensure low measurement uncertainties
• Electronic generation of measuring force and automatic contacting
• Automatic bore and inner thread measurement
• Automatic and manual TY adjustment possible
• Motorized tilting axis (TB) for alignment
• Alignment carried out via manual control panel or 828 WIN software
• Factory or DAkkS/DKD calibrations available

Direct Measuring Range 200 mm / 8 in
Measuring Range for Outer Measurement 0 to 1000 mm / 0 to 39.4 in
Measuring Range for Inner Measurement 0,5 mm to 845 mm / 0.020 in to 33.2 in
Measuring Uncertainty MPEE1 (L in mm) ≤ (0,085 + L/1500) μm
Position Deviation / Error Limit (L in mm) * ≤ (0,07 + L/2000) μm
Repeatability ≤ 0,05 μm
Measuring Forces 0 to 13,9 N
Device Length 2110 mm
Mass 535 kg

A wide variety of accessory kits and modular components are available for solving an extensive range of measuring tasks,
including the measurement of:
• Thread gages
• Conical thread gages
• Gears
• Thread pitches

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