Mitutoyo EC-101D 542-007A


Mitutoyo EC-101D 542-007A- Applicable Input Digimatic code (SPC)

Mitutoyo EC-101D 542-007A Features:

  • Applicable Input Digimatic code(SPC)
  • Applicable gage LGD, LGD-L, LGD-ML, LGS and SPC output gages
  • Number of gage input 1
  • Resolution .001, .0005, .0001, .00005 / 0.01mm, 0.001mm
  • (Automatically set depending on the gage.)
  • Display 6-digit and a negative -] sign LED (Amber, Green, Red)

Mitutoyo EC-101D 542-007A:

  • Applicable gage: LGD, LGS, All SPC output gages
  • Resolution: .00005″/.0001″/0.001mm, .0005″/.001″/0.01mm
  • No. of gage input: 1
  • Display: 6-digit LED and a negative [-] sign
  • Function: Preset GO/±NG judgment
  • Output (open-collector): 3-step limit signal, Normal signal
  • External control: Preset, Data hold
  • Power supply: Via AC adaptor
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 96 x 48 x 84.6mm
  • Mass:50g
  • Standard Accessory

Download the Mitutoyo EC-101D 542-007A product literature by using the link below:

Mitutoyo EC-101D 542-007A

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