Vision Engineering Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscope (MHD001)


Mantis Elite-Cam is a variant of the successful Mantis Elite stereo microscope, featuring an internally integrated digital camera, allowing effortless image capture and documentation.

Mantis Elite-Cam comprises of a standard Mantis Elite, with a factory-integrated and sealed USB 2.0 digital camera, permitting simultaneous optical and digital viewing.

Easy-to-use PC software simplifies image capture and documentation tasks, with a variety of image capture formats including: BMP, JPEG and PNG.

Aside from the internally integrated camera, Mantis Elite-Cam is identical to a standard Mantis Elite and is compatible with all Mantis Elite options / configurations.

Below prices reflect “common configurations, please contact us for quote on additional options and stands not shown below for special applications.



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Objective Lenses

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Vision Engineering Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscope Features:

  • Comprises of a Mantis Elite optical head, with factory integrated and sealed high resolution USB2.0 camera
  • Permanently engaged camera permits simultaneous optical and digital viewing
  • Image projection capability, ideal for training purposes
  • USB 2.0 connectivity with easy-to-use PC-based software
  • Image capture software allows for storage, reference & electronic communication
  • Variety of image capture formats including: BMP, JPEG and PNG
  • Vifox imaging & measurement software option


  • 2x – 20x optical magnification options (two position quick change turret)
  • Superior ergonomics for fatigue free viewing and increased quality/productivity
  • Mantis Elite optical head, with factory integrated and sealed USB2.0 camera
  • Simple PC based image capture software included
  • Powerful DimensionOneTM imaging and onscreen measurement software (optional upgrade)
  • Ideal for training purposes
  • Choice of stands and accessories to suit numerous applications.


Download the Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscope product information using the link below:

Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscope with Integral Digital Video Camera for Image and Video Capture

MFlex Articulated Arm. Complete with stand and C-clamp, 115v PSU,Dust Cover: (MEF-001US)

  • Extended reach 697mm. For use with Mantis Elite Head

MFlex Articulated Arm w/115v PSU, Dust Cover (MEF-003US)

  • Stand and C-clamp NOT included – for use with Mantis Elite
  • The MEF-003US is intended to be used with the MF-006 Floor Stand.

Objective Lenses:

Mantis Elite-Cam Stereo Microscope optical data
Please note: Elite objectives X15 and X20 are recommended for use with the MES-006US Bench Stand

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