Understanding The Height Measurement Of Sharp Edges And Needles

Understanding The Height Measurement Of Sharp Edges And Needles

Measuring sharp edges and needles is critical when it comes to ensuring that tools and medical instruments meet the required height specifications. Medical equipment such as needles need to be of very specific dimensions. This is because if they are too long or too short, they may cause injury or might not deliver the right dosage as needed. For this reason, quality control personnel have devised a myriad of ways to conduct height measurement of sharp edges and needles.

Measuring Sharp Edges

When manufacturing instruments and tools with
sharp edges, it is important to verify their height to ensure that they can
perform as required. When doing this, quality control personnel use a variety
of tools principal among them, digital gage probe. These probes are designed to
take measurements of delicate surfaces without causing any damage to the
pointed end or the sharp edge of a tool. They are also designed to be extremely
accurate, up to a 0.05µm.

Advantages of Digital Gage Probes

Modern digital gage probes are particularly
suited for this kind of work because they offer precise and repeatable results.
They also come with very low tip forces ensuring that they deliver sub-micron
accuracy. They are also designed to be part of a quality control process, so
they integrate very well with other equipment and are easy to use. Digital gage
probes also can withstand varying environmental conditions meaning that they
can be used in all kinds of factories and machining shops.

Digital probe gage can also be easily used to
measure the height of needles made with all kinds of materials. This includes
tungsten and more. They also come in all kinds of shapes and sizes ensuring
that they can easily be applied to a wide range of applications.

Benefits of Verifying Height of Sharp Edges
and Needles

The height of medical instruments matters
greatly when it comes to how they are applied. For example, the effectiveness
of insulin injections can be affected by the height of the needle used. If a
patient with diabetes injects himself or herself with a needle that is too
long, the insulin is deposited intramuscularly. This in turn results to faster
than normal absorption and decreased longevity of the insulin. The height of
sharp edges also has a significant impact on the efficacy of the tool in
question. The depth of the cut is largely determined by the height of the edge.
This has major implications when one thinks of delicate surgeries such as heart
and brain surgeries.

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by George Chitos