Which Applications Require the Use of Vernier Calipers?

Vernier Calipers

A vernier caliper is a measuring instrument
that can measure the internal and external dimensions of an object. These
useful instruments can also measure object depth. Vernier calipers have a jaw
that is fixed and one that moves along a well-calibrated scale. This moving jaw
is capable of measuring accurately to within a hundredth of a millimeter. Vernier
calipers are popular due to their highly accurate measuring capabilities. Here
are some of the applications that these highly popular instruments are used in.


One of the places that you are likely to find a vernier caliper is a machining shop. Most industries that make precise components, such as the auto industry and the aviation industry, use vernier calipers to ensure consistency in the parts that they produce. To use the car industry as an example, the springs that are produced by the auto assembly factory must all be very precise otherwise the car will be unstable. Vernier calipers help ensure consistency of parts in such industries.


Industrial processes that produce medical
equipment must also adhere to very precise measurements. It means that quality
control experts in such manufacturing processes must measure precise dimensions
of parts produced and ensure that all of them adhere to these standards.
Mistakes in length or depth of some of these precise instruments would
inadvertently lead to injury and even loss of life.


Research laboratories make use of vernier
calipers to understand the effect of heat and other reactions on the elements
that they are testing. Many research processes seek to understand the effect of
certain reactions and one of these reactions is expansion or contraction of the
test pieces. When researchers need to understand these effects at very precise
dimensions, they use vernier calipers to measure the test objects before and
after the reactions.


Locksmithing involves working on very
precise locking mechanisms. For example, designing safes requires parts to
interlock in very precise patterns and this requires that these parts are
measured to very precise dimensions. For this reason, locksmiths and safe
makers use vernier calipers to ensure that the parts they are making adhere to these
standards. Keys that are used to open locks and safes must also be very
precisely tooled and vernier calipers are immensely useful in ensuring that
they adhere to the required standards.


Another place where one is likely to find
vernier calipers in use include colleges, universities, and schools. Here,
vernier calipers are used to help students perform science experiments and work
as a teaching aid for various subjects.

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by George Chitos