Willrich Precision Introduces The Werth Laser Probe (WLP)

The Werth Laser Probe (WLP) is a non-contact optical sensor designed for three-dimensional (3D) measurements of workpieces. Traditional methods with mechanical sensor changes and adjustments are time-consuming, impacting productivity, while dealing with complexity in measurement processes, particularly with intricate workpiece surfaces and multiple sensors. 

The Werth Laser Probe addresses these challenges through seamless integration, automatic intensity control, and high-speed scanning, eliminating the need for mechanical sensor changes and providing a user-friendly interface with visualization features to simplify and accelerate measurements, contributing to increased efficiency and accuracy. It is integrated into the beam path of the Werth Zoom, allowing for combined edge and distance measurements without the need for mechanical sensor changes, thanks to its patented technology.

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  • Utilizes Foucault operation approach for laser sensing.
  • Integration of laser in the optical beam path without sacrificing measuring range.
  • Achieves the lowest spot size for measuring small details (3 µm with WLP 10x lens).
  • Features automatic control of laser intensity and intelligent software design for measuring various surface types.
  • Well-suited for fast flatness measurement of surfaces tilted by up to 80° or correspondingly curved surfaces.

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by George Chitos