When And How To Perform QC Inspection On Your Production Floor

QC inspection

Production managers always know how important it is to make sure that their production processes are efficient. Some managers can measure respective parts directly on the shop-floor while others will send the parts to a lab where the CMM will do its part to thoroughly perform QC inspection. If you choose to do the inspection on your production floor as other production managers would then it pays to know how and when you can perform such.

Why Should Inspection Be Performed on the Production Floor?

Before answering when and how the inspection can be done on your production floor, it pays to know why it should be done that way. One of the main reasons for doing so is to unload the CMM from its job. While this device is very accurate in performing quality control inspection jobs, it can be loaded with work too. Therefore, you can leave the machine to perform inspections on smaller parts and leave the larger parts to be inspected on the production floor.

Another important consideration is the fact that there may be instances when a product needs to wait in line before it gets inspected. When this is the case, the production process may have to be put to a halt. Why wait when the production floor can be used for inspecting these parts and materials.

When Should You Perform QC Inspection on Your Production Floor?

You can do so anytime you want. Remember that this process will give your production team more independence while performing their jobs. The CMM can do a lot of work while your employees can find ways to become better in terms of QC inspection. You do not have to overload a machine and just wait for it to do the job for you. There are various metrology tools like thread gages that will inspect cylindrical shafts and holes and all other tools that can perform various jobs. Utilize your people to inspect products on the production floor and they too will become more efficient in such processes.

How Can Inspection Be Performed?

Quality control inspection on the production floor does not mean relying on your bare hands to do the job. Measuring tools are made to help accomplish the task in any industrial environment. There are several metrology tools that are portable and user-friendly. You have to make sure though that you choose the right tool that suits your working environment.

There will be instances when some tools are more sensitive than others. In this case, you must make it a point that you track any sensitive elements like vibrations which may have an effect on the measurement system. Performing this will help minimize any error in the QC inspection process. Optical technologies can be great investments. They provide accurate measurements while being able to work even with unstable environments.

The Bottom Line

Knowing when and how to perform quality control inspection on the production floor will require fewer manipulations than you ever think. With the right technologies, you can be sure there will be lesser errors as well as lesser pressure on the part of your quality control operators. You must look for a tool that will not delay your regular work processes.

by George Chitos

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