Product Spotlight: Shimpo DT-725 Stroboscope

Shimpo DT-725 Stroboscope

Stroboscopes are used to measure or inspect the rotational speed of spinning objects. They are mostly applied as a measuring instrument for determining cyclic speed of moving machinery. They are able to give a glimpse of moving targets to allow technicians to identify damage to belts, pulleys, shafts and gears without having to stop the machinery. This is very important for manufacturing industries since they are able to identify malfunctions before the problem becomes severe. A wide range of equipment like fans, conveyor belts, motors, engines, grinders, saw blades and centrifuges heavily rely on stroboscopes to measure the spinning speed.

One of the most sought after stroboscope in the market today is the Shimpo DT-725. You can get this product online from Willrich Precision at an affordable price. This article has focused more on the Shimpo DT-725 Stroboscope to help you understand the product.

About Shimpo

Shimpo is a company that is dedicated to manufacturing and selling stroboscopes, tachometers and torque products. Their products undergo through motorized and manual test stands to ensure they are accurate and of quality. For many years, Shimpo has been the leading manufacturer of stroboscopes and recently it created the DT-725 which is an inexpensive model that can be applied in various industry applications.

The Shimpo DT-725 Stroboscope is reliable and is able to withstand harsh conditions. This product is lighter in weight and it is constructed of strengthened high impact plastic.

Features of Shimpo DT-725 Stroboscope

Some of the top features of Shimpo DT-725 Stroboscope:

  • Fast-charge internal rechargeable battery supply
  • permanent mounting or easy tripod with integral mounting thread
  • Synchronous strobe that drives other strobes
  • Flash rate controller dial that is easy to adjust
  • Phase shift allows visual analysis of reciprocating/rotating objects
  • Continuous duty cycle meaning you don’t have to shut down for cooling
  • External trigger to allow automatic synchronizing with equipment
  • Light Weight Design
  • Bright LED Display
  • Tungsten carbide measuring faces
  • Designed to reduce hand fatigue

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by George Chitos