Top Tips To Increasing Productivity On Your Shop-floor


When you own a business, one of the things that you will be concerned about is how you can increase your profits in time. Of course, you will definitely want to make sure that your products are as competitive as possible too. Well, you can achieve both these by simply boosting productivity most especially on your shop-floor. Investing in the right set of products will be just one of the things that will drive improvement when it comes to this vital concern. All the other things you can do are listed below.

Examine Your Working Environment

When you do, you have to focus on some important factors that may affect the workflow. It is not just about the technology and processes that you use day in and day out. It is also about the people, resources, procedures and communication tools. In order to analyze the working environment, you will need to use value mapping because this will help monitor your projects while also assessing whether the process has improved or not.

Upgrade Your Processes

When you have examined the working environment and you have established which problems affect your workflow, you are about ready to share what you found out with your project managers. Together, you can create a plan to improve your manufacturing processes. You may need to assign people on a particular area where they can be more productive. You may also have to realign your budget for these important upgrades. It is also great to take things a notch higher and work on becoming ISO-certified.

Educate Your Employees

By educating means investing money so that they may become more efficient workers who will help meet your company goals. Remember that in the world of machining, cutting, and manufacturing, technologies are constantly changing and with this change comes the need to educate employees as to how these technologies work. Regular training must be given to your employees in order to meet these goals. Start by investing in metrology education or any other training tool for that matter and you will be able to give your employees a head start.

Make Your Goals More Realistic

Many times, the burden of meeting client deadlines and expectations will be carried by your employees on their shoulders. This kind of pressure will make your employees dissatisfied thus leading them to work poorly and in the long run will affect your manufacturing floor’s productivity. You must then make sure that you make your goals more realistic such that you will only say yes to deadlines depending on the capability of your employees. If you need to meet client expectations within a short amount of time then you may need to employ more individuals into your business.

Be Organized

Being organized is one of the most integral parts to boost productivity on your shop-floor. You have to make it a point that all materials are placed in their designated areas. When employees learn how to organize their respective workplaces, they become more encouraged to do their part. It will also be easier for them to look for the materials they need which will save them a lot of time.

Invest in Smarter Technologies

Smarter technologies will make your employees more productive as well. If you want to boost productivity by boosting the morale of your employees then the next thing you should do is look for products that like optical comparators and video measuring machines, CNC mills, waterjet machines or any other tool that is essential in your manufacturing process.

by George Chitos