Product Spotlight: Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages

Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages


Today’s snap gages are as one would expect, advanced. They come complete with accuracy-focused and sophisticated features. Carbon snap gages for instance use carbon fiber for the handles. This makes it easy for one to handle the gage. It also improves precision as it is lighter than other snap gages.

Unlike other snap gages, carbon fiber snap gages are adjustable to a full 2”³ (50mm) of range. This perk alone ensures that one can measure thicker components with precision. They are also easy to use, so there is no learning curve at all. If you are searching for a carbon fiber snap gage, consider Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages. Read on to find out more about the snap gage.

When it comes to measuring instruments, snap gages stand out for several reasons. First off, they are among the oldest measuring instruments. Then there is the fact that they are very simple to use. They make it very easy for one to measure thickness of components and the outside diameters of round parts like shafts. The very first snap gages featured fixed limit gages. This ensures that one could first confirm the part of the object being measured was within the snap gage’s size limits.

The gage also features two anvil sets. The first set was sized to the largest acceptable measurement while the other set was sized to the minor size tolerance. It is important to note that fixed limit snap gages cannot supply any variable data like approaching tolerance limits, data feedback, and actual size.

About Starrett

Founded in 1880, Starrett is a force to reckon with as far as precision tools, gages and instruments are concerned. The company is also known for the metrology equipment it offers such as optical measuring projectors, multi-sensor measuring systems, and vision system. Most of these types of measuring equipment is custom engineered for easy precision.

That is not all about Starret. Apart from precision tools, the company is also known for producing high quality saw and hand tools used in manufacturing facilities. The company’s dominance and experience in the market are clear indicators that they indeed, offer value for money.

Features of Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages

Here’s a quick glance at some of the most notable features of Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages:

  • Available in four sizes, from 0-2”³ (50mm) to 6”³-8”³ (150-200mm)
  • Interchangeable contacts
  • Lightweight
  • Precise aluminum body
  • Stable carbon fiber insulated handle
  • Adjustable to a full 2”³ (50mm) of range
  • 200”³ (5mm) indicator range
  • 0-8”³ / 0-200mm Range

Get Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages from Wilrich Precision

If you are looking for brand new Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages, then Willrich Precision has just what you need. Having been in business for more than five decades, Willrich Precision will go an extra mile to ensure you get more than just value for your money. You can be sure of not just quality but also value priced gaging, metrology and inspection equipment. All these makes it easy for one to understand why we are ISO:9001:2008 certified. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced technician in your field, Willrich has the solutions you are looking for!

To know more about Starrett 5003 Carbon Fiber Snap Gages and the benefits they offer, feel free to contact us today.


by George Chitos

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