Fowler Bowers XTH3 Pistol Grip Electronic Bore Gage Individual Sizes


Fowler Bowers XTH3 Pistol Grip Bore Gage Individual Sizes. Includes Pistol Grip, Head and Ring.




Fowler Bowers XTH3 Pistol Grip Bore Gage-Individual Sizes Features:

  • To reduce hand fatigue, the travel of the trigger is adjustable for minimum over-travel.
  • Larger easy-to-read swivel display
  • Self centering heads
  • Proximity output and USB connectivity.
  • Four preset memories
  • Fixed anvils
  • Resolution: .00005″ /.001mm
  • Range .080″—12″ (2—300mm)
  • Tungsten carbide measuring faces on all 3-point heads from .5″ (12.5mm) and up.
  • Heads with special anvils available for threads, splines, slots, etc.
  • Sizes over .500″ (12.5mm) feature blind bore capability
  • Setting rings included in all sets
  • Includes UKAS certificates for all pistol grip, heads and rings.
  • Special anvils available

Available Options

Measuring Range Product Number
8-9" (200-225mm) 54-567-876-BT
7-8" (175-200mm) 54-567-875-BT
6-7" (150-175mm) 54-567-850-BT
5-6" (125-150mm) 54-567-825-BT
4-5" (100-125mm) 54-567-800-BT
3.250"-4" (80-100mm) 54-567-750-BT
2.625"-3.250" (65-80mm) 54-567-745-BT
2-2.625" (50-65mm) 54-567-740-BT
1.375"-2" (35-50mm) 54-567-735-BT
1-1.375" (25-35mm) 54-567-725-BT
.750"-1" (20-25mm) 54-567-720-BT
.625"-.750" (16-20mm) 54-567-716-BT
.500"-.625" (12.5-16mm) 54-567-712-BT
.375"-.500" (10—12.5mm) 54-567-710-BT
.312"—.375" (8—10mm) 54-567-708-BT
.080-.100" (2-2.5mm) 54-767-701-BT
.100-.120" (2.5-3.0mm) 54-567-702-BT
.120-.160" (3-4mm) 54-567-703-BT
.160-.200" (4-5mm) 54-567-704-BT
.200-.250" (5-6mm) 54-567-705-BT
.250"—.312" (6—8mm) 54-567-706-BT
9-10" (225-250mm) 54-567-877-BT
10-11" (250-275mm) 54-567-878-BT
11-12" (275-300mm) 54-567-879-BT

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