Glastonbury Southern Gage Zero Spindles

ACCURATE: – To less than .000025″
RUGGED: – Sturdy enough for the production floor, needs no pampering
VERSATILE: -Combine with arbors, chucks, face plates, lead locks and specially designed fixtures
ECONOMICAL: – Laboratory accuracy on the shop floor

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Glastonbury Southern Gage Zero Spindles Features:

  • Precision spindles to less than .000025" T.I.R.
  • Precision arbors for internal locating plain, threaded and spline diameters
  • Precision chucks for internal and external location plain and threaded diameters
  • Precision magnetic and tapped hole face plates
  • Everything you need to build you own Zero Spindle inspection fixtures

Download the Glastonbury Southern Gage Zero Spindles product information using the link below:

Glastonbury Southern Gage Zero Spindles

Zero Spindles

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