What Do Height Gages Have To Offer In 2019?

What Do Height Gages Have To Offer In 2019?

Height gages have been in use for years and are critical for determining the height of various products. These gages generally consist of a heavy base and a caliper. Measurements are taken along a vertical scale and are either read off the scale or from an LCD screen for modern instruments. Height gages can also be used to measure other parameters such as diameter. Height gages have come a long way and there have been many changes to them. Here is what you can expect from height gages in 2019.

Mechanical and Electronic Gages

When you are looking for a new height gage,
you have a choice of taking a mechanical or electronic one. Each one of them
comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, dial height gages
are very portable and thus can be used in machining shops where the machine
operator has to move around. Digital gages, on the other hand, are easy to use
and measurements can be taken rapidly. This is a real plus in environments
where speed is valued. Digital gages also allow for the setting of a floating
zero value which makes readings more accurate.

More Features

In 2019, you can expect that your height gage
will come with a host of features that make it easier to use. The additional
features also increase the functionalities that you can apply your height gage
to. These improvements are not just in the features but in the build of the gages
themselves. For example, the modern height gage comes with a high precision
resolution that ensures that most errors arising from the build of the gage are
canceled. This has been done without increasing the weight of the gages. In fact,
height gages have become lighter than before as they are built with lightweight

Digital Gages

As digital technology has improved, height gage operators have seen increased capabilities when it comes to what they can do with their height gages. Modern height gages can automatically set zero point as we have seen but can do much more than that. Data from modern height gages can be easily downloaded from the device and on to a printer or a computer. This means that operators can analyze the data, as well as share it widely through email and other modern communication channels.

Modern height gages also come in a variety of
shapes and sizes meaning that they can be used for a wide range of tasks and

1D and 2D Measurements

Height gages with 1D measurement capabilities
can perform the following functions:

  • Loads the probe and shifts the probe position
  • Saves the probe
  • Inputs the probe diameter
  • Measures the probe diameter
  • Sets the probe type
  • Measures the difference between maximum height
    and minimum height of an upward or downward facing surface
  • Performs angle calculations
  • Measures the width and center of inner and
    outer diameters
  • Measures the width and center position between
    two elements
  • Measures the minimum and maximum heights of
    downward and upward-facing surfaces
  • Measures the diameter and center of a shaft or
  • Measures the height of an upward-facing and
    downward-facing surface

Height gages with 2D measurement capabilities
typically come with the following functions:

  • Tolerance judgment result output
  • Tolerance judgment function
  • Coordinate distance calculation
  • Element recall
  • Coordinate save
  • Coordinate system rotation
  • 2D origin setting
  • X/Y axis setting
  • 2D origin translation
  • Coordinate recall
  • Polar coordinate recall
  • 2D distance calculation
  • 2 elements intersection-angle calculation
  • 3 elements intersection-angle calculation
  • Pitch-circle calculation
  • Tolerance/nominal value setting
  • Warning functions

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by George Chitos

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