Product Spotlight: 4 Models Of Universal Punch Concentricity Gage

Concentricity gages are utilized for inspecting the rotating parts’ exterior, internal, and flat surfaces. They also enable the co-axiality of more than two diameters to be measured and allow you to determine the runout of axial measurements. In short, they are designed to resolve inaccuracies in product dimensions and expedite manufacturing processes by providing accurate and reliable measurements. In the market, there are a wide variety of gages that are customized to meet unique and specific

Smart Spin Gage

The Smart Spin Gage is designed to measure the cylindrical components of the outer diameter and part edge runout in a short time (perpendicular to body diameter). The equipment incorporates a backstop that can be adjusted, roll clamping, and probe placement that can be orientated vertically and horizontally to handle a variety of component designs, geometric shapes, and sizes.

This product’s precision rotation and remote indicator RESET are enabled via an integrated STEPPER motor with specific drive control hardware and software. These specifications and features provide consistent outcomes with the correct setup for various component shapes and sizes within a given part size range. Additionally, component testing is available at two speeds – 10 and 20.

Universal Punch Concentricity Gage – Model A-10

The Universal Punch Concentricity Gage is a series of basic gage and standard carriers, comprising three major components – the gage model, main rollers, indicator, and accessories with this model. The concentricity gauges are classified into two types immediately, which are traceable to NIST. In this case, the accuracy of the standard black gage is assured to be =4um, while the precision of the gold gage is guaranteed to be =8um.

St. Mary Rotary “V” Block Gage

The accuracy of St. Mary Rotary “V” Block Gage speeds up the determining process of concentricity features, especially on cold-headed items. In addition, as compared to other comparable devices, it is much more simple and accurate. Geometric tolerances are necessary and required for cold-formed fasteners. This St Mary Rotary “V” Block Gage will be able to meet this need, being able to accommodate tight diameters.

Universal Punch Concentricity Gage Model H

Similar to Model A-10, the Universal Punch Concentricity Gage Model H consists of three main components – the gage model, main rollers, indicator, and other accessories. The part diameter and length capacity can be customized up to 1″ and 12″, respectively, while the gage length, width, and height are 12.5″, 5.5″, and 9″ approximately.

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by George Chitos