Product Spotlight: Renishaw Equator

Renishaw Equator

The Renishaw Equator has transformed the metrology industry. This system is a plug-in and play system, and it has the ability to save your company time and money in the manufacture of precision metallic parts. The Renishaw Equator is able to save money by providing 100% inspection for your part by creating a 3D model image of the required part before printing. This allows for a reduction in wastage on production costs, as it will be perfectly replicated the first time, every time. In addition, the system is so easy to use that you will not need to spend a fortune on specialist staff training, as it comes with comprehensive instructions as well as video help. This really is a revolution in the metal replication industry. This one-time investment will pay for itself in reducing your overall operating costs and the quick duplication of the automated process, will ensure your productivity is increased.

About Renishaw Equator

Renishaw is a UK firm that was created John Deer and Sir David McMurtry in 1973. Initially producing a device designed to measure the fuel pipe on a jet engine. The company grew and today has more than 70 offices in sites all over the world.

The Renishaw Equator was developed and is well known today as its uses grow. The popularity of 3D printing has catapulted it into one of the best ways to obtain automatic, accurate measurements of metal components, enabling it to be replicated or changed to order. If the design spec of something needs changing, then the Renishaw Equator can take care of this task, with complete accuracy and speed, allowing you to create the required part in half the time it would take with the co-ordinate measuring machine – the only alternative available previously. The Renishaw Equator compares the component being manufactured with the master part and alerts you if there is any kind of an error in the specification.

Features of Renishaw Equator

Here is a quick look at some of the best features of the Renishaw Equator

  • 100% Accuracy of replication
  • Compact and weighs just 25k
  • Plug and play system designed for anyone to use
  • Does not require a temperature-controlled room
  • Gauges all features of the part being replicated in one operation
  • Fully programmable
  • Quick, repeatable, automated actions ensure accuracy and avoid mistakes
  • Can be used on multiple parts
  • Reduces bottlenecks in production
  • Quick and accurate comparison of replicated part to master part
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Low cost investment
  • Can be synchronized with input signal from controller or sensor
  • Simplified process – load the part to be replicated and push the button.

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by George Chitos