Understanding The Importance Of Metrology In Our Daily Lives


Accessing knowledge can never be possible without a number as well as a standard of measurement which produces the said number. It gets more interesting with the fact that both the number and the measurement cannot exist without units. This is more or less the role of metrology. It stands out not only as an individual discipline of physical sciences but also the base of daily activities. It is in fact, safe to say that people use metrology daily without realizing it. In light of this, measurement is therefore, an economic, social and scientific necessity. Understanding this makes it easy for one to understand the importance of metrology in our daily lives.

It Increases Knowledge

It is impossible to talk of research without mentioning metrology. How else will a researcher design conditions for observing a phenomenon? Better yet, how else will the researcher build and qualify the instruments required for observation without metrology? The research will need measurements even in the final phases of his or her research which usually involve determining whether the results obtained after a research are accurate or significant. Characterization of gravitational fields, rock dating, determination of certain physical or chemical constants are all areas of research that call for metrology.

It Protects People

Measurement of radiation in radiotherapy and dosage of drugs stand out as vital areas in the health sector. They call for measuring units that are vital for the safety of patients. Precision here is important because it can save lives. The same case applies when it comes to operating theatres and other forms of measurements used in intensive care units.

It Helps In Different Areas of The Law

Labor law involves systems designed to monitor the hours worked, lighting levels in professional premises, noise levels and measurement of ambient atmospheres such as fibres and mercury vapors. All these forms of measurement make it easy for employers to monitor productivity. They also make it easy for them when deciding remuneration of their employees.

Environmental law is yet another legal field that cannot survive without metrology. This is solely because protection of the environment solely requires statutory requirements on the quality of air and water. Industrialists must comply with specific levels of emissions to either prevent or control pollution. The emission levels are measured in numerical values, which is what metrology is all about.

Then there is road safety which has everything to do with speed restrictions, braking efficiency and vehicle loading capacity. All these areas involve units and of course, measurements. So yet again, road safety just like labor and environmental laws, cannot survive without metrology.

It Helps In Commercial Transactions

Commercial transactions between companies and individuals involve measurements. Metering subscriber energy consumption, fuel, cross border counting and goods selling at either retail or wholesale involve measurements. It is simply an essential factor that makes transactions easy for buyers and sellers or manufacturers and consumers. Other vital aspects such the quality or even safety of a given good, service or product also require metrology. In a nutshell, commercial transactions, cannot go on without metrology.

by George Chitos