Hirox Confocoal White Light Profilometry Nano Point Scanner

Hirox NPS Nano scanner allows measurement of roughness, shape, thickness, height and topography.

This Confocoal White Light Profilometry Nano Point Scanner offers :

-Submicron Z Precision
-Ultra Fast Profling
-ISO Certifed Measurement
-Automatization & Report

The NPS is an innovative non-contact confocal 3D profilometer measuring altitude in real time, for profile or surface scanning:

  1. The white light LED beam is projected through a beamsplitter
    and a chromatic lens to the surface of the sample
  2. The reflected light beam from the sample is filtered in a
    confocal pinhole, isolating one single wavelength in perfect focus
  3. The NPS spectrometer is accurately translating this wavelength
    into height information and display it visually in the NPS software
  4. Up to 2000 height information per second are acquired in
    real time creating a profile when moving the XY stage

You can select between two modes: Profile or Surface

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