Mahr Pocket Surf IV Portable Surface Roughness Tester


The Mahr Pocket Surf IV portable surface roughness gage/profilometer is the ideal instrument for making traceable, contact surface roughness measurements on a large range of surfaces including small inside diameters. This feature packed surface roughness tester is portable and affordable. The Pocket Surf is the Gold Standard of portable surface finish testers!

The Pocket Surf easily handles a variety of surface roughness measurements including flat, inside/outside diameters and many difficult to gage surfaces.

2191800 Pocketsurf IV 10um radius tip (.0004″)

2191802 Pocketsurf IV 5um radius tip (.0002″)


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Mahr Pocket Surf IV Features:

  • Can be used to measure any one of four, switch-selectable, parameters: Ra, Rmax/Ry, Rz
  • Selectable traverse length 1, 3 or 5 cut-offs of 0.8 mm/.030“
  • Operates in any position – horizontal, vertical, and upside down
  • Four switchable probe positions – axial (folded) or at 90°, 180° or 270°
  • Even difficult-to-reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible
  • Integrated data output for SPC-processing units that is compatible with the most common data processing systems
  • LCD readout presents the measured roughness value, in microinches or micrometers, within half a second after surface is traverse
  • Out”‘of”‘range (high or low) and “battery low“ signals are also displayed
  • MarConnect data output for easy SPC-processing that is compatible with the most common data processing systemsImproved digital
  • calibration process eliminate scandrivers and potentiometers to simplify and enhance the calibrtion process
  • Improved battery life with easy to replace standard 9V battery
  • Test certificate

Available Options

Surface Roughness Tester Product Number
10um probe, w/Test Cert 2191800
5μm probe, w/Test Cert 2191802

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mahr federal pocketsurf iv

Note: 5um ( .0002) stylus is recommended for anything below a 20Ra.


Download the product literature using the link below:


Download specifications for Pocket surf probes and pocketsurf stands  using this link : Probes-for-Pocket-Surf


Pocketsurf Accessories listed below: Call or email us for pricing ( Ph: 866-945-5742 / )

  • EGH-1028
  • EGH-1021
  • EGH-1020
  • EAS-2496
  • EAS-2426

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