Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ500 Surface Roughness Tester

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Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500 Features:

  • New Design - Detector Measuring range (maximum): 800um
  • New Design - Detector Resolution: 0.0001um (at 8um Range)
  • Traverse length: 50mm (1.96)
  • Skidded or skidless measuring, allows measurement of straightness and waviness
  • Graphic Display of Measured Profile
  • Able to calculate the difference in coordinates of 2 curves with overlap function used in evaluation of gear wear
  • Built-in Printer (High Speed Thermal) 4times faster than SJ-400 series
  • Rechargeable Battery (NiH)
  • Roughness measurements that conform to standards: JIS / DIN / ISO / ANSI
  • 43 Evaluation Parameters, Six Types of Form Analysis
  • Equipped with a highly visible color 7.5 TFT LCD, employing a color icon display and a touch panel achieves user-friendly display and simple operation.
  • A joystick built into the dedicated control unit allows quick and easy positioning. Fine positioning of a small stylus, required for measuring the inner side of a small hole,  can be easily made using the manual knob.
  • Capable of Crank Measurement applications
  • High speed positioning in X-axis at 20mm/sec
  • Supporting 16 languages
  • Simultaneous calculation of 2 curves
  • Clear display even in dark areas with large-sized LCD with backlight
  • High straightness accuracy by ceramic guide with high durability (0.2um/50mm)
  • Easy setting of complex evaluation conditions utilizing design indicators

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500Technical information:

  • Evaluation Parameters Ra, Ry, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rq, Rv, S, Sm, Pc, R3z, mr, Rpk, rvk, c, Rk, Mr1,Mr2,Lo, Ppi, R, AR, Rx, A1, A2, a, q, Ku, HSC, mr(c), Sk, W, AW, Wx, Wte,
    Rc, Rmax, tp, Htp, Ir, Vo, λa, λq
  • Analysis Graph Bearing Area Curve (BAC), Amplitude Distribution Curve (ADC)
  • Assessed Profiles Primary Profile (P), Roughness Profile (R), Filtered Waviness Profile (W), DIN4776, MOTIF (R,W)
  • Standards DIN, ISO, ANSI, JIS (JIS B0601-1994-1982)
  • Measuring Ranges Z-axis: 800um (32000in), 80um (3200in), 8um (320uin) X-axis: 25mm (1)
  • Digital Filter 2CR, PC75 (phase corrected), Gaussian
  • Cutoff Length 0.08mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm, 8mm (.003, .01, .03, .1, .3)
  • Sampling Length (L) 0.08mm, 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm, 8mm (.003, .01, .03, .1, .3)
  • Number of sampling Length x1, x3, x5, xL* [*=Arbitrary length]
  • Minimum Resolution 0.0001um (8um Range) , 0.005in (320in Range)
  • Recording Magnification Vertical: 20X to 100K, Auto
    Horizontal: 1x to 1K, Auto
  • Other Functions Printer Thermal (Printer Width: ———)
    Auto Sleep (———)
  • Data Output SPC Output / RS232C
  • Power Supply AC-adapter (DC 7.5V, 1.5W) or Rechargeable Battery (Ni-H)
  • Drive Unit:
    Measuring Speed 0.02~5mm/s (.001 ~.20/s)
    X-axis drive speed 0~.79/s (0 to 20mm/s) and manual
    Resolution 0.05um
  • Standard Detector 178-397-2
    Detecting Method Differential Inductance Method
    Stylus Tip Radius 5um (200uin), Diamond
    Skid Radius of Curvature 40mm (1.57in)
    Measuring Force 4mN (0.4 gram force)
    Dimensions Dia. 9 x 72mm (.35 Dia. X 2.8in)

Click below link to download the Mitutoyo SJ-500 Surftest brochure:

mitutoyo sj500

Mitutoyo Surftest SJ-500  Standard Accessories
Display Unit: 178-533-02A (4mN) / 178-533-01A (0.75mN)
Detector Unit: 178-397-2 (4mN) / 178-396-2 (0.75mN)
Standard stylus: 12AAB403 (Tip radius 5μm) / 12AAC731 (Tip radius 2μm)
Skidless nosepiece: 12AAB355
Skid-attached nosepiece: 12AAB344
Power cord: 02ZAA000
Touch pen: 12BAG834
Printer paper: 270732 (set of 5 rolls)
Dust cover for display unit: 12BAK101
Extension adapter: 12AAJ077
Allen key (Nominal: 1.5mm): 538613
Phillips screwdriver: 538612
Roughness specimen: 178-601 (mm) / 178-602 (inch/mm)
Touch panel protection sheet (1pc.): 12BAK100
User’s Manual: 99MBB223A
Quick Reference Manual: 99MBB224A

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