MarSurf XR 1 Surface Roughness Tester

The MarSurf XR 1 combines mobile surface metrology with the advantages of a MarWin evaluation software. This means, for a roughness or waviness measurement, a simple all-in-one PC as well as the suitable drive unit suffice. Depending upon the customer’s needs, laptops or industrial PCs can also be implemented.
Bluetooth technology offers a special degree of freedom, for in addition to the cable connection between the drive unit and evaluation unit, the connection functions also cable-free. The measurement can be comfortably activated by touchscreen or the respective drive unit and the data transferred to the computer.
Corresponding to your measurement tasks, you can decide if you would like to configurate the measuring tstation with skidded or skidless tracing.
The surface measuring unit Marsurf XR 1 offers you the most cost-efficient entry to comfortable surface metrology.

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Mahr Federal MarSurf XR 1 bench top surface roughness tester Features:

• Over 80 parameters selectable for R, P, W profile as per current standards ISO/JIS or MOTIF (ISO 12085)
• Band-pass filter Ls according to current standard, LS can also be switched off or freely varied
• Comprehensive recording records
• Quick and Easy measuring programs can be quickly created in the teach-in procedure
• Automatic function for the standardized selection of cutoff and probe length (patented)
• Support of different calibration methods (static and dynamic) with specificaiton of the parameter Ra or Rz
• Maintenance and calibration intervals can set
• Many measuring station configurations are available to suit each individual application case.
• Different options make the system flexible
• Different user levels to protect against misuse of the unit and ensure that no unauthorized operator can use the unit

The evaluation software described here can be expanded as needed.

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Mahr Federal XR1 Surface Roughness Bench Typle

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