Air Amplifiers

Both dial and digital types of air amplifiers offer a cost effective way to expel entrapped smoke as well as cool down hot parts. You can also use them to ventilate interiors and clean machine parts by using compressed air as the chief source of power. With these tools, there is not much maintenance required as the amplifiers pull in the surrounding air to generate high speed outflow without requiring electricity. Certain air amplifiers can even convert their air intake into output flow with a 1:25 amplification ratio.

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Our Popular Products for Air Amplifiers

  • Digital Air Amplifier
  • Accu-Touch Dual Master Touch-Screen Amplifier
  • DimensionAir Air Gage
  • Micro Handheld Air Amplifier

Popular Air Amplifier Brands We Carry

  • Mahr Federal
  • Edmunds Gages
  • Universal
  • …and more!

Shop for Air Amplifiers at Willrich Precision Instrument

Given our level of expertise in the field of scientific study of measurement, Willrich Precision Instrument is a trusted source for all your metrological needs. We can provide you with the best air amplifiers for a wide range of applications. From the simplest instruments to the most sophisticated ones, we have a solution for every situation.

Whether you buy a micro-handheld amplifier for easier measurements or a premium amplifier for an oil pump barrel, you can rest assured that we offer the most competitive pricing in the market for our products. Willrich practices a client-first approach and customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities here. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 866-945-5742 today if you have any sales inquiries about a particular type of air amplifier that you are looking for.

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