Laser Surface Roughness Bench Unit

Surface roughness sensor- This is a non-contact sensor for QC inspection as well as in-line process control. This unique sensor measures reflection and scattering profiles in two perpendicular directions X and Y. This proven method provides accurate and reliable surface roughness readings. This surface roughness sensor can also be used as a high-speed in-line sensor and can provide more than 200 measurements per second making it well suited for real-time process control. This sensor also has a long-working distance and can provide measurements for an inner surface of complex features.

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Non Contact Surface Roughness Bench Unit

  • Laser line scan sensor for surface profile & roughness
  • High-throughput  inspection for complicated  background & lighting environment
  • For metal, glass, or polymer surfaces

Examples of Customized work:

laser surface roughness customized laser surface roughness

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